Sitemap - 2023 - The Life of H

If this year was a book ...

Another miraculous birth to consider in this season

Saying goodbye to the month of dreams, and making way for goodness

How Joseph's Dream Can Wake Us Up

Writing poems in a dark season

I bet for you it's always the season of giving

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A double helping of poetry and notes

Welcome to the month of dreams

Alone in the Desert (but with angelic beings and maybe a goddess)

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How could you laugh at a time like this?

When the call to go forth leads to the brink of meaninglessness

Why not choose the better story?

What would Sarah do?


Stanley, Sarah and Sukkot

When the apple is the whole story

Barren Womb

Shhh...there's inspiration in that silence

Walking with Abraham

So, Abraham

In This Beginning

The right time of year for going in circles

Return to Your Senses

But first, they were two people in love

Give me shelter

Is it just me, or was that tree more than just a tree?

When I dwelled on the Bible passages that alarm me, I found new reasons to celebrate Sarah, and Sukkot

I was on vacation. My muse was not.

A funny thing happened on the way to my writing goal

Inversion, Irony, and Turning Verses Inside Out.

On making new poems from the Old Testament

I took Sarah along with me on the plane

Invite your friends to read The Life of H

A story that (should) keep you up at night

A tale of 2 stories - 4 millennia apart

Okay writers, let's talk about it

A Jew Walks Into an Ashram

100 Days One Poem at a Time

Maybe Call it 'Matriarch's Day' Instead

The Word is Wood

What's in a name?

Missing H

So Many Sarahs

Sarah, Who

The Camel in the Tent


Piecing it together

You, By Her Side

What you missed that day in Sunday School

In this Beginning

What's permissible?

Using ChatGPT to write this week’s Torah reflection enlightened me

Tracking an obsession

And now for something different

Coming this month

What a dream come true looks like