The life of Sarah, the first matriarch of the Hebrew Bible, receives only a handful of mentions in twelve chapters of Genesis. But the effects of her story have influenced our ideals of motherhood and faith, as well as women’s roles and reproductive rights.

Sarah and Abraham’s story is best remembered for a miraculous birth and a child sacrifice narrowly averted—but it is also packed with much more.

Plot twists and turns include a calling from a new God who sends Sarah and Abraham out of their home into the unknown, changes their names, and promises them a baby and a place in history, despite a literal and metaphoric journey through famine, barrenness, capture, and freedom.

Step into this story and you find yourself at a crossroads at a time when matrilineal traditions were still practiced even as a new abstract, patriarchal monotheism was gaining prominence. Dig deeper into the cast of characters and their relationships and the themes and implications multiply.

In The Life of H: Sarah, Reimagined, I explain my connection to this complex and controversial story, share poems from my book-in-process, and discuss how we can find new life and meaning by re-considering Sarah’s experience. 

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A poetic reimagining of the biblical matriarch, Sarah


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